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Takibi x Ferment Brewing

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

September 13th , 2021

Takibi x Ferment Brewing

Today, we're exploring the origins of the Takibi Pilsner, a collaboration between Snow Peak’s restaurant Takibi and Ferment Brewing.

Takibi is deeply rooted in the Japanese heritage of the Snow Peak brand and culture of the Pacific Northwest. The restaurant brings Snow Peak’s gathering values to life and centers on the concept of time by the fire. Our favorite Takibi Time experiences often involve delighting in a shared beverage, so it was only natural to create a drink that captured the spirit of these moments.

Thus, Snow Peak partnered with Ferment Brewing of Hood River, Oregon, to create the Takibi Pilsner. Ferment Brewing fuses traditional farmhouse techniques with a forward-thinking, scientific approach to create a unique family of beers. Each one taps the wild terrain of the Columbia River Gorge for inspiration and foraged ingredients.

Ferment's approach mirrors Takibi’s commitment to hyper-local and seasonal ingredients that align with the rhythms of nature. The brewery also considered the Takibi's Japanese roots when creating the beer. 

Ferment utilized European malted barley and a generous addition of rice as the foundation for the Takibi Pilsner. Rice is a traditional ingredient in Japanese brewing techniques, and Ferment Brewmaster Dan Peterson used a flaked, toasted rice for a unique flavor that offers a hint of coconut. The end result is a dry, crisp and refreshing Japanese-style lager. 

Enjoy it during your next visit to Takibi, or pick up a pack at Snow Peak Portland for your next outdoor gathering.