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Snow Peak Way West Recap

Written by: Michael Andersen

October 27th , 2023

Snow Peak Way West Recap

From September 29th through October 1st, and with an early autumn slight chill in the wind, the team at Snow Peak set out for one final hurrah at the Justesen Ranch in Tygh Valley, Oregon. As our third--and largest--Snow Peak Way of the year, Snow Peakers from near and far showed up, and showed out in full Japanese camping style with some of the most elaborate and expansive setup’s we’ve ever seen n North America. 

From as far as New York City, all the way down to Southern California, and everywhere between, legions of our the devoted Snow Peakers came together to celebrate, connect and camp together under the same stars. And with a number of new partners, hands-on demonstrations, educational classes and more, the three hundred plus folks in attendance had the opportunity to dive into the very best of what makes Snow Peak Way so special: the camping, the cooking and the Takibi time.  

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