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Snow Peak Grill Skills

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

August 14th , 2020

Snow Peak Grill Skills


Everything you need to know to transform from novice to pit-master.   

When it comes to grilling, the sky’s the limit. Whatever your preferences, dietary guidelines or meal type – there's sure to be a way to grill it. It’s peak season for outdoor cooking, so read on for everything you need to know about Snow Peak’s three charcoal grills.  

Single BBQ Box 

This compact grill is designed for solo campers or small groups. Use it for direct heat grilling, and adjust the height of the coal bed using the lever on the front. The Single BBQ Box is IGT compatible and the grill net can be substituted with ½ unit Iron Griddle inserts.   

Double BBQ Box  

This larger barbeque is ideal for groups. Featuring an adjustable grill net and larger coal bet, the Double BBQ Box offers more advanced temperature controls. The Double BBQ Box takes two units of IGT space and the grills can be substituted for 1 unit Iron Griddle Inserts.  

Koijin Grill  

The Kojin Grill is Snow Peak’s most versatile barbecue. It’s best for stationary setups and can be used for smoking, grilling and even baking. It has a ventilated lid, swing doors for easy coal bed and grill net access and adjustable cooking surfaces.   

Cleaning and Care Tips  

Cleaning your grill is an important part of maintenance. After using, scrub it with a grill brush to remove any food or debris. Then, wash gently with dish soap and water. Lay it out to air dry before storing it away for next time!