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Intention Series: Reflecting on the Snow Peak Mission

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

May 24th , 2021

Intention Series: Reflecting on the Snow Peak Mission

The state of the modern world has left us anxious and disconnected. We spend most of our days indoors, often looking at a screen. The Snow Peak mission calls us to elevate the essential life values inspired by being with nature. This means creating moments that reconnect us to the natural rhythms of the outdoors and the pure moments under the open sky.

The Snow Peak mission is rooted in the experiences of Snow Peak’s founder, Yukio Yamai, and his son Tohru. After WW2, Yukio found solace in the rigorous challenges of mountain climbing. Snow Peak USA CEO Tohru Yamai was deeply inspired by his car camping experiences as a college student in the 1980s. Later, he worked to evolve Snow Peak into a car camping brand. He often says that he started a camping brand because he enjoyed getting outside with his friends, but along the way, he realized he was restoring humanity.

At Snow Peak, we often say that we’re a gathering brand. All our goods and experiences are intended to inspire moments of connection with nature and one another – whether you’re sharing a meal by the fire, wrapped in a sleeping bag watching the sunrise, or enjoying a coffee on your porch.

Gathering by the fire

There’s something about the sights and sounds of a campfire that are uniquely mesmerizing. The crackling embers and glowing coals draw us in. Since ancient times, fire has served as the center of gatherings – a source of light and warmth. When camping, something within us innately recognizes the evening fire as a time to come together. At Snow Peak, we refer to the shared moments by the campfire as Takibi Time. During Takibi Time, we are freed from our reservations and share more openly, forging deeper connections with those around us. There are no distractions, simply moments of togetherness.

As we approach the At Home Campout and the start of peak camping season, we hope you enjoy many Takibi Time gatherings and memorable moments that restore your spirits.