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Snow Peak Eats: Pasta Carbonara

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

March 22nd , 2021

Snow Peak Eats: Pasta Carbonara

Making and sharing delicious meals have always been part of every Snow Peak gathering. This year, we’re excited to introduce our new Snow Peak Eats series, a collection of menus centered on seasonal flavors and ingredients. Our Spring Menu features two recipes from 6 Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables by Joshua McFadden, Chef and Chief Creative Officer at Submarine Hospitality. The cookbook approaches meals from a hyper-seasonal perspective, encouraging the use of local vegetables. 

The first course of the Spring Menu is the Little Gems Salad with Lemon Cream. Below, find the entree for our Spring Menu: Pasta Carbonara with English Peas, plus a full list of all the gear and utensils required for cooking.   

Pasta Carbonara with English Peas


Kosher salt and freshly ground pepper 
3 ounces of pancetta, diced  
Extra-virgin olive oil 
8 ounces of fettuccini, linguine, or spaghetti.  
1 pound of English peas in their pods, shelled (1 cup peas) 
3 scallions, trimmed, including ½ inch off the green tops, thinly sliced at an angle 
Optional: a handful of pea tendrils 
1 egg, whipped 
½ cup of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese 
½ cup of Pecorino Romano cheese 


Home & Camp Burner 
Home & Camp Cook Set 26cm 
Kitchen Tool Set 
Earthen Zen Bowl Set 
Cutting Board Set L  


Bring water to a boil inside the Home & Camp Cook Set pot. Add a generous amount of salt until it can be tasted in the water. In the pan, add a healthy portion of olive oil and add the pancetta. Cook until the pancetta is browned, but still chewy. Season generously with pepper. Remove the pan from the heat, but be sure to save the fat! Once the water is boiling, add the pasta and cook until almost al dente. Then, add the English peas to the pot, while also adding the pan back to the stove to reheat the pancetta slightly.  

With a ladle, scoop out a cup of pasta water and add a few tablespoons to the pancetta fat, making it lighter and creamier. Then drain the remaining water from the pasta and peas. Whisk some of the fat into the egg to gradually heat it and prevent it from scrambling. Then, whisk the egg into the pan. Add the pasta and peas, and then quickly combine with the cheeses. Stir it all thoroughly, adding a bit more pasta water until everything is coated in a creamy, cheesy goodness. Add extra salt and pepper as needed, then serve in the Earthen Zen Bowl.  

To advance your cooking skills and add more delicious meals to your weekly repertoire, purchase McFadden's cookbook for yourself at our Portland Flagship. Learn more about the importance of using local ingredients by reading our conversation with Chef Alex Kim of Snow Peak's forthcoming restaurant, Takibi.