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Give More by Giving Less

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

March 27th , 2020

Give More by Giving Less


Snow Peak is centered around restorative experiences in nature and the healing power of time outside. We’re concerned by the many threats facing our planet, and like our friends in the outdoor industry, we’re alarmed by the amount of plastic in our ecosystems.  This holiday season, we are taking action to combat plastic pollution. Tackling a global issue is overwhelming, but if we take small steps together, we can make a difference. 

Instead of giving more, more, more this year, consider thoughtful gifts that can reduce daily impact on the planet.


Eco-Conscious Giving

From 11.25 - 12.1.2019, we’ve created different Snow Peak gift sets and specials to encourage sustainable living and reduce plastic usage. Made of premium materials, Snow Peak goods are functional, elegant and designed to be used anywhere. With our lifetime product guarantee, you can feel confident giving a gift with timeless design and durability. Reusability is a gift that keeps on giving. 


Thursday, 11.28 - Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Snow Peak USA! We hope you’re able to spend today gathering with loved ones to enjoy delicious food and drinks. We have many things to be grateful for, but here’s our top 3:

You - We’re so grateful for our users who loyally support us. It’s an honor to share the Snow Peak experience with you.
Nature - Today and every day, we’re thankful for healing time outside.
Time by a fire - Slowing down and gathering around a fire is a privilege we cherish.
Honorable mentions include: Coffee, cooking and eating outside, Polartec fleece and our furry companions. 
We’ll be back tomorrow with another sustainability special, but for now, enjoy your time with your loved ones and browse our Go Sustainable Collection for gift ideas.

Wednesday, 11.27 - Ti Double Wall 450 Mug & Kanpai Bottle

‘Tis the season for warm beverages! Keep your tea, coffee, and cocoa warm with the Ti-Double Mug or take it to go in the Kanpai Bottle. Since the Cafe Set is made of titanium, you don’t need to worry about leftover flavor residue. Take the set to your local coffee shop for a latte in the morning, and use it to stay hydrated in the afternoon. Say good-bye to plastic water bottles and styrofoam to-go cups. Shop the Sustainable Cafe Set.

Tuesday, 11.26 - Trek Plate and Wabuki Chopsticks

Use this pair to devour a pile of noodles, dumplings or teriyaki chicken. Made of premium Japanese titanium, the Trek Plate is built to last.  The Wabuki Chopsticks add style to any entre with elegant bamboo tips and stainless steel handles. Collapsible and packable, Snow Peak’s Trek Plate and Wabuki Chopsticks can be used on-the-go, at home or in the backcountry. Ditch the disposable chopsticks and plastic plates. Shop the Sustainable Plate Set.

Monday, 11.25 - Trek Bowl and Mini Fork

Made of premium Japanese titanium utilizing a historic manufacturing process, Snow Peak’s Trek Bowl and Mini Fork are compact, ultralight and designed to last a lifetime. Carry them to the office, the park or the woods for easy lunching. Say no to plastic bowls and forks. Shop the Sustainable Bowl Set.