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Getting Started with IGT

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

February 11th , 2022

Getting Started with IGT

The Iron Grill Table system is the centerpiece of a Snow Peak outdoor kitchen. With its versatile height options, sleek bamboo details and endless configurations, it offers a comfortable and stylish cooking and dining space.

The beauty of IGT is that you can start small and build your collection overtime, customizing as you go! Or, if you can dive in and build an expansive collection that fulfills your vision. 

Watch our video to learn the basics of the Iron Grill Table, then read on for additional detail and insights. 


The Iron Grill Table system is measured in units. Each system starts with a frame (more on that below) which is then filled with storage, worktop space or cooking inserts. Inserts come in ½ unit, one unit or two-unit sizes.  


Frames are the building block of the Iron Grill Table system. Available in three- and four-unit sizes, they can be filled with your preferred inserts, then attached to the legs of your choosing.  


Available in sets of two, IGT Legs come in four different heights: 

Ground Height: Best for the ultimate relaxed gathering or picnic setup, ditch chairs for sitting cushions or the lawn. 

Low Height: Best for casual cooking or playing camp barista, these legs bring your IGT setup to approximate coffee table height. 

Seated Height: Best for a communal cooking experience, a relaxed happy hour or a game night. These legs bring your table to standard table height. 

Standing Height: Best for the active chef who’s cooking three things at once and needs to stay agile!


The Iron Grill Table brings Snow Peak's gathering values to life. Use it to create a social cooking and dining experience that will power memorable moments for years to come. Shop sets, inserts and essentials here