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Dutch Oven Pizza

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

September 8th , 2020

Dutch Oven Pizza

Everything tastes better in the outdoors and campfire pizza is no exception. Read Jonathan Rahmani’s Dutch Oven Pizza Recipe in his own words!    

I enjoy cooking anything over an open fire or super-hot coals. Unless you have a professional kitchen, it’s quite difficult to reproduce this at home. I recently attempted a campfire pizza using Snow Peak’s Cast Iron Oven. The included skillet in combination with the lid was perfect for this. I chose to keep things simple and crafted a Margherita-style pizza for my first attempt. It’s my favorite kind of pizza anyway. Here’s how you can re-create it! 


  • Low moisture mozzarella. (You want to keep moisture to a minimum as the pizza bakes, the last thing you want is a hot and soggy pizza.)  
  • Fresh basil is best, I got mine from my mom’s garden. Thanks, mom!  
  • Store-bought pizza sauce is sufficient. Add fresh minced garlic because you can never have enough garlic. Again, reduce moisture by keeping your sauce thin when spreading over the dough.  


  • 1. Prepare your dough ahead of time if you’re fancy or ambitious. Premade pizza dough from your favorite local grocery works great too. 
  • 2. Put everything together in the skillet. Make sure you keep the dough a little thicker on the outer edges for that important pizza grip.  
  • 3. For baking, make sure you’ve got your coals ready, these can get started while you’re preparing ingredients and putting the pie together. Place about 10 coals under the skillet and about twice as many on top. You might also want to place some sticks or skewers between the skillet and the lid to improve airflow.  
  • 4. Keep an eye on your pizza baby for about 15 min or so, I recommend using the lid lifters to make occasional peeks easier. Don’t be afraid to go a little longer than 15 minutes to make sure you’ve got a nice, crispy crust.  

Once baked, enjoy your pizza by plating it for your pals or roll it up calzone style and indulge in that solo camper life.