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Bringing People Together

Written by: Michael Andersen

March 4th , 2019

Bringing People Together

Nothing brings people together like camping. Whether with close friends and family, or even complete strangers, something about that shared experience can rekindle, or spark, true human connection.  

Since 1995, Snow Peak has hosted a popular outdoor series in Japan called the Snow Peak Way. Each event serves as a unique opportunity for our top customers and employees to enjoy the simple act of camping together in nature, fostering lifelong friendships and creating timeless memories from generation to generation.

As of 2016, at least ten Snow Peak Way events have been held annually around the country attracting some 5,000 participants selected at random via a special lottery system. We believe that Snow Peak Way increases our employees’ job satisfaction and reaffirms their sense of purpose and value in their work. In essence, it’s a place to engage directly with the actual users of Snow Peak products in an authentic and intimate setting, building a close-knit community of outdoor enthusiasts and fans.


Soon, we will embark on a new journey, and we are excited to introduce Snow Peak Way to the USA. It is here, together, that we will embrace our nature and build the bonds of the next era of lifestyle creators and innovators.