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Best Of 2021: Top-Rated Ten

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

November 29th , 2021

Best Of 2021: Top-Rated Ten

As we enter the final month of the year, we’re taking time to reflect on highlights from 2021. For the first installment in our Best of 2021 Series, we’re examining ten top-rated products from the past year. Community feedback helps us innovate so we can continue to create elevated and rejuvenating outdoor experiences for you. We hope you enjoy reading what Snow Peakers had to say about some of their favorite outdoor essentials.

Wabuki Chopstick

“The Wabuki Chopsticks feel high quality and solid, while also being lightweight and small. The steel with the brass and bamboo looks absolutely stunning. I’ve been using them almost every day, just quickly putting them together to eat, wash, and then take them apart to store. I would 100% recommend them to anyone who uses chopsticks daily.” - Cole R.

Takibi Fire & Grill

“We're not experienced grillers or fire-starters, but wanted to have this item because we thought it would improve our fire cookout experience. Straight out of the box, it's easy to assemble and feels sturdy, so there was no second-guessing about assembly when we used it the first time. (And obviously we washed the grill prior to first use. It's a good size and so is the grill itself, and the quality is fantastic. Even after hours of smoky flames and us dripping glaze for our cooking over it, it cleaned up easily at the end of the night. It dumped out well, rinsed out without issue, and the grill was easier to scrub down than I expected. A really great set-up both for seasoned campers and for newbies who just want to try their hand at cooking with fire outdoors. We haven't tried it with friends yet, but are looking forward to doing so!” -Bobbi V.


Jikaro Firering Table

“Snow Peak’s design is impeccable. They are a cut above any other camping products out there when it comes to camping furniture. The Jikaro Firering Table is easy to setup and take down. Snow Peak’s stainless steel is amazing. Strong and robust.” - Brandon S.

Titanium Aurora Bottle

“Beautiful bottle, I use it for hiking, backcountry camping, and generally anytime I’m out for an extended period of time. It’s just the right size for travelling light, and doesn’t leak at all no matter how much it gets tossed around. Super lightweight, and lovely to look at!” -Stephanie T.

Alpha Breeze

“I spent months exploring and testing four-person tents from various manufacturers. There is no shortage of options when you need a quality two-person or three-person, but once you step up to a four the options are slim. Of the dozen or so I tested this is simply the best. Incredible ventilation. Easy set up and break down (some tents I tested had poles over 12 feet long and infeasible in tight camping situations), all doors and windows zipper shut (not the case with the best alternative I tried), nice ceiling height. There is nothing frankly I would change. This tent is large enough to host a family of four + pets without being cramped and yet never seems unwieldy or excessively large at the same time.” - Adrian P.

Shimo Stein

“It’s a perfect size and keeps my drink cold for a long time!” - Masakazu I.


Solid Stake #30

“As everything Snow Peak does these stakes are well built, have real weight and are very functional. Got two different sizes for soft or firm terrain and makes setting up my tent a lot easier.” -Juan B.

Trek 900 Titanium

“I decided to buy the Trek 900 to compliment my cooking set (the 3 piece cooking set), I needed a light weight cup with a lid to make my cooking easier. So far the Trek 900 has suited my needs. It is light-weight and sturdy. I will continue to buy from Snow Peak for my cooking gear as long as I am able to work in the backcountry!


Take! Renewed Bamboo Chair

“Even when we're not camping, we keep this chair in our car for any impromptu opportunities to sit, relax, and take in the outdoors.” - Tyler W. 


“If you own a Takibi Fire & Grill, please do yourself a favor and buy this! It makes the campfire look incredible and helps tremendously with managing the smoke. Gone are the days that you’re dodging the smoke from the campfire. 100% recommended!” -Kristoffer A.


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