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October 12th , 2020

Flexible Insulated Explored

Snow Peak's classic insulation series utilizes materials that are lightweight, warm, and highly water-repellent. The unique fabric and cotton fill are made of...

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October 2nd , 2020

Exploring X-Pac

Originally developed by the sailcloth makers at Dimension-Polyant, X-Pac is an uber-durable, ultralight fabric. It’s a multi-layer textile comprised of nylon, polyester mesh, waterproof film, and taffeta...

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August 25th , 2020

Snow Peak x New Balance Niobium Collection

Snow Peak × TOKYO DESIGN STUDIO New Balance Niobium Capsule Collection  The second collaboration between Snow Peak and New Balance...

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August 21st , 2020

Autumn Winter 2020

Our Autumn Winter 2020 Collection offers minimalist silhouettes inspired by workwear and traditional Japanese designs in muted and neutral colorways...

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July 20th , 2020

Summer Editorial

We’re in the midst of the summer season, embracing the late light-filled evenings and long warm days. To seize the best days of the year, Snow Peak's...

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June 22nd , 2020

Yamai Spring Summer 2020

Conceptualized and designed by Snow Peak President Lisa Yamai, the Yamai Line seeks to bridge the gap between the wearer and nature. The...

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