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At Home Campout Essentials

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

May 6th , 2020

At Home Campout Essentials

Everything You Need to Camp at Home

As we prepare for our Snow Peak At Home Campout, we’ve put together a basic list of necessities for a comfortable backyard camping experience. Don’t have one of the below items? Not to worry, we’re also suggesting common household items that can substitute! There’s no wrong way to enjoy an at-home camping trip, and with a little creativity, you can create a memorable and fun outdoor experience for the whole family.

Tent: The hallmark sight of a campsite, putting up a tent in the yard sets the scene for a backyard campout. The size of the tent depends on the number of people in your household and also the size of your yard or patio. We recommend our Amenity Dome as a versatile shelter for sleeping outside. If you don’t have a tent, we’re offering rentals of the Amenity Dome are, available for the price of shipping. You’ll receive everything needed to properly set up the tent.

Tarp or Shelter: While we’re all dreaming of a sunny start to the summer camping season, it’s always good to be prepared for any type of weather. We recommend the Mesh Shelter, HD Hexa Tarp, Pro Set M, or the Living Shell for protection from the rain and hot sun. Plus, they’re small enough to be used in a standard backyard. Alternatively, a classic hardware store tarp can suffice with some creative finagling.

Sleeping Bags: A comfy sleeping set up is a game-changer for nights outdoors. Everything is brighter after a good night’s rest. There are two essential components - proper cushioning and appropriate warmth. Try out the Snow Peak Inflatable Mattress 2.5 and the Ofuton for a cozy camp bed. If you’re short on sleeping bags, layers of blankets and pillows should do the trick. Use your comforter as a cushiony base and add blankets as needed.

Grill or Stove: One of the best parts of camping is cooking and eating outside. We love grilling over an open flame on the Takibi Fire and Grill or using one of the many versatile configurations of the Iron Grill Table system. A standard charcoal or gas barbecue, or even an indoor kitchen stove can be used for flavorful summertime classics. Simply enjoying fresh air combined with the bounty of the season is key.

Cookware & Tableware:  Outdoor cooking and dining are easier with sturdy cookware and tableware, better still if it can also be used inside! Our favorite assortments include the Titanium Dining Set - few things more durable than Japanese titanium, and our cast iron series of pots and ovens. Ultimately, the key to stress-free dining is using plates, bowls, and cookware that are not made of glass or any material that shatters.

Chairs & Table: The outdoors is more comfortable with proper furniture for lounging. Don’t forget a few seating options and tables for eating and games. The Low Beach Chair and Bamboo My Table are great places to start. If your furniture options are limited, take things picnic style with a comfy blanket.

Lights: Once the sun retreats for the evening, proper lighting is essential for creating a mood, and of course for being able to see! The Mini-Hozuki is a great battery-powered option with a variety of settings. For maximum light, use the BF Lantern and for a candlelight effect, checkout the Mini-Flame. Christmas lights or other string lighting is also a fun alternative that offers a soft and inviting glow.