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Getting Started with IGT

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

August 24th , 2020

Getting Started with IGT

The Iron Grill Table system is the centerpiece of a Snow Peak outdoor kitchen. With its versatile height options, sleek bamboo details and endless configurations, it offers a comfortable and stylish cooking and dining space. However, getting started with your IGT setup can be overwhelming. Below are a few key tips and a video explaining more! 


The Iron Grill Table system is measured in units. Each system starts with a frame (more on that below) and the frame is filled with storage, worktop or cooking inserts. Each insert takes up a certain amount of unit space in the frame - inserts come in ½ unit, one unit or two-unit sizes.  


Frames are the building block of the Iron Grill Table system. Available in three- and four-unit sizes, they can be filled with your preferred inserts, then attached to the legs of your choosing.  


Available in sets of two, IGT Legs come in four different heights: 

Ground Height: Best for the ultimate relaxed gathering or picnic setup, ditch chairs for sitting cushions or the lawn. 

Low Height: Best for casual cooking or playing camp barista, these legs bring your IGT setup to approximate coffee table height. 

Seated Height: Best for a communal cooking experience, a relaxed happy hour or a game night. These legs bring your table to standard table height. 

Standing Height: Best for the active chef who’s cooking three things at once and needs to stay agile!