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Behind the Design: TTA Series

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

May 15th , 2023

Behind the Design: TTA Series

At Snow Peak’s product development headquarters in Niigata, Japan, our team regularly camps with customers to better understand and improve their experience. Just as Snow Peak’s founder Yukio Yamai was a mountaineer who created gear for others seeking alpine thrills, our products are designed by campers, for campers. Similarly, Yukio pioneered a rigorous hypothesis and testing process for new products due to the safety importance of mountaineering gear. While Snow Peak is no longer a mountaineering brand, Yukio’s dedication to repeated field testing lives on at the HQ1 campfield.  

Our product development team shared the inspiration that led to the design of the new Tabletop Architect (TTA) series. The line allows customers to further customize their IGT and camp tables, adding an extra layer of organization and convenience.

TTA Series  

Low-style camping chairs are a staple in most campsites. Snow Peak campers enjoy relaxing in the Low Beach Chair and Luxury Low Beach Chair, but their sole disadvantage is the effort it takes to continuously stand up and sit down. This inconvenience inspired the development of the new Tabletop Architect (TTA) system, so campers could make seated setups more functional.  

Previously, we have created layout systems such as IGT and tents with linking functionality. The TTA is a tabletop system that uses a special clamp as its base to create a three-dimensional space, similar to a cockpit. The series allows for further organization and customization of low tables and IGT setups, and reduces the number of times campers need to get up to reach particular items. The series launched with the TTA Clamp, TTA Windscreen, TTA Lantern Hanger and TTA Unit Frame, with plans to add more accessories in the future.  

At Snow Peak, we believe campers are field architects, using their creativity to build a beautiful and comfortable site. The TTA system allows you to use your imagination and create a customized design on your table.  

Snow Peak-style campsites always feature a dedicated camp kitchen. Build a customized setup with the IGT Camp Kitchen Starter Set, then extend or accessorize with other items from the Iron Grill Table Collection.