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Get to Know: Chef Cody Auger

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

January 17th , 2022

Get to Know: Chef Cody Auger

We’re thrilled to introduce Cody Auger as Takibi’s executive chef. With decades of experience as a leader of Portland’s food scene, Chef Cody will elevate the restaurant’s seafood offering, and lean into Takibi’s unique wood-burning hearth. Diners can expect to see the live fire featured in more of the menu, as well as an exploration of Oregon’s seasonal offerings. Read on to get to know more about Chef Cody!

Can you share a bit about your background & how you first learned of Takibi?

I have been making Japanese food for almost 20 years now. Most of my focus has been in sushi, and I also co-own and operate Nimblefish. I grew up here in Portland my entire life, and haven't found a good enough reason to leave. I learned of Takibi through Josh McFadden. I later experienced Takibi for myself and had a meal that I really enjoyed.

What excites you the most about being Takibi’s executive chef?

I'm excited to be the new acting chef at Takibi because I would like to continue the innovative trajectory the team has started, and hopefully incorporate more use of the open flame (or takibi).

Since joining Takibi you’ve already added several new dishes to the menu. Can you share one or two of the dishes that are your personal favorites?

Two dishes I'm really enjoying are the lamb chop and the dorayaki. We are using an excellent Oregon tack of lamb for the chop, which is then marinated in barley miso and finished on the takibi. The dorayaki is a play on a blini, a Japanese honey pancake, rabbit liver mousse, and house-cured ikura. Both dishes use the bounty from the northwest and have a fun and traditional side.

What’s your favorite meal to make and enjoy in nature?

My favorite meal to make in nature is boiled Dungeness. I grew up going to the coast on weekends, my dad would scuba for crab, we would cook them fresh out of the ocean with seawater and crack and eat right away. It’s the best way to eat Dungeness in my opinion.

Visit Takibi for yourself to experience the produce-driven menu inspired by Japan and the shifting seasons. Takibi is open seven days a week from 5-9pm. Walk-ins are available daily and reservations can be made online at Follow along on Instagram at @takibi_pdx.