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Winter Reading

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

January 24th , 2022

Winter Reading

This year we’re introducing a new series intended to spark interests and inspire. Peruse through a collection of recipes, articles, photos, Snow Peaker content and more.  

Snow Peaker snaps:

Our community has been making the most of the winter season! Enjoy a few shots of their recent adventures and cozy moments at home.  Something to sip:

Make this spicy ginger tea on a cold day when your sinuses are feeling stuffy. Bonus points if you use your Titanium French Press! Or if you’re in Portland and don’t want to make your own drink, head over to Takibi and give the Carrot Top Toddy a try!  

What’s trending:

Curious about the styles and trends that will guide the year? Gear Patrol explored 10 themes that will guide wellness, style, fitness and more.  

Soak or sauna?:

Our friends at Field Mag explored the benefits of wood fired hot tubs and build-it-yourself saunas.  

Campfield updates:

In late November, we started construction on Snow Peak’s first campfield in the United States. Watch this local news story from KGW and enjoy a mini-tour of the 25-acre future Long Beach Campfield. Winter delights:

Sometimes we need a bit of help tapping into the wonder and beauty of each season. To that end, we’ve gathered a few images that capture the frozen beauty and awe of the winter season.