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A Chat with Rashad Frazier

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

August 14th , 2020

A Chat with Rashad Frazier

As part of our Summer Gear Upgrade series, we’re partnering with Snow Peak fans to show us how they put their gear to use. This week, we’ve partnered with Rashad Frazier for some major grilling inspiration from his trips exploring Oregon with his family. 

What do you love about being outside?  

Everything! The freedom, the visuals, the peace. What I love about being outside is its ability to recharge my batteries and heal my spirit which in turn makes me better husband father and human.   

How did you first become familiar with Snow Peak? 

I used to live in NYC and when I was planning a camping trip to Moab with my brother, I realized I had no gear. A quick google search led me to the SOHO store. I’ve been a fan ever since!

What’s your favorite Snow Peak product?   

My favorite Snow Peak product is the Takibi Fire & Grill. It truly represents all the reasons I love being outside. Everyone loves a good campfire. The conversations, food, spectacle and warmth is such a morale booster, and the Takibi’s design and functionality helps manifest these beautifully.   

As a chef, what’s your approach for cooking outside? What tips would you offer to someone planning a camp menu?  

My approach to cooking outside is to plan your meals before you leave the crib. The further you’re away from a proper kitchen the more an amazing meal outside feels like a miracle. For this to occur, put some thought into what you want to cook, what you’ll need, how you’re going to clean it up, and do you want to be cooking all day while camping. My approach is plan and prep ahead. If I want lemon ricotta pancakes for breakfast camping in Opal Creek, then I’m making the batter before I leave home and gearing up the proper cookware and heat source for it. If the family wants Sriracha salmon and shrimp kabobs then the kabobs need to made, stored safely, kept cold and I’ll need to bring the bring the grill for the Takibi along with wood and charcoal. This approach tends to make camp cooking go smoother and without any issues.

What’s your favorite dish to grill in the summertime?  

My favorite dish to grill in the summertime is a whole fish with the head and tail on. For one, it's delicious and secondly, it's a morale booster. Plus, it's such an easy meal (meaning very little prep) yet big payoff. If grilled fish with a cold beer outside isn't living, then I don’t know what is.