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5 Must Watch Horror Films from Japan

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

October 25th , 2021

5 Must Watch Horror Films from Japan

Halloween is nearly here and it’s time to embrace spooky season. Trade your campfire ghost stories for one of these cult Japanese horror films. Each one is sure to send a chill down your spine!   

One Cut of the Dead

This horror comedy features a film crew producing a zombie film at an abandoned water tower. Chaos ensues when the frustrated director paints a pentagram to summon real zombies.  

Ju-On: The Grudge

In this 2004 film the Williams family (husband Matthew, wife Jennifer and mother Emma) move into a home in Tokyo with a history of supernatural occurrences. Soon it becomes clear that the house is a site of a curse with terrifying consequences for those who inhabit it.  


This creepy classic is based off a Japanese ghost story dating back 300 years. In the modern rendition, a cursed video tape causes those who view it to die in one week. After the death of her niece, newspaper reporter Reiko Asakawa views the tape and enlists the help of her ex-husband to solve the mystery before time runs out.  

The Cure

This murder-mystery follows the story of a police detective Kenichi Takabe investigating a series of unusual murders. Each murder is identical and each victim has a distinctive “X” on their neck, but each time a different perpetrator confesses.  

Dark Water

A young mother and her daughter move into a new apartment but are soon haunted by a series of unusual events – from wads of hair in the water to a mysterious red bag that keeps reappearing.  


Once you’ve selected your freaky film of choice, create an outdoor movie setup with the Land Station! Use a projector to turn the outdoor tarp into a DIY movie screen. Munch on some caramel apples or buttery popcorn and an evening with friends. Happy Halloween!