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Field Cooker Pro. 3 - Snow Peak
Field Cooker Pro. 3 Set
Field Cooker Pro. 3 Set

Field Cooker Pro. 3 Set

A complete camp kitchen cookware set, the Field Cooker Pro. 3 Set is a four-piece collection of pots, frying pans, and mesh strainer to suit all cooking needs. The three pots range in capacity from 3L to 4.3L with adjustable handle for easy mobility. The included wooden handle can be used interchangeably on either the pan or any pot. Additionally, use the handle case as an oven mitt. When not in use, nest all items together and store conveniently.

Please note, the Field Cooker Pro. 3 Set is best used for gas and charcoal cooking. To clean, wash all stainless steel items with light soap and water. To use the iron pan, first prep by coating the pan with a thin layer of oil and heating evenly. To clean, wash with hot water, heat to dry and add a thin layer of oil before storing.




4.4 lbs (2150g)


Pot 1: D 7.9" H 5.5"
Pot 2: D 7" H 4.6"
Strainer: D 7.5" H 3.5"
Frying Pan: D 8.25" H 2"


2 Pots W/ Lids, Frying Pan, Strainer, Hotpad, Mesh Nylon Bag


Stainless Steel, Iron, Wood


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