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Base Plate Stand (L/M)
Base Plate Stand (L/M)
Base Plate Stand (L/M)

Base Plate Stand (L/M)

Made of steel and designed in Japan, the Base Plate Stand L/M serves as a sturdy base that prevents damage to the ground by eliminating heat transfer. To use, place the two pieces together to form an X shape, then set the Base Plate on top, followed by the Pack & Carry Fireplace. Ensure the notches on the Base Plate Stand align with the slots on the Base Plate. The Base Plate Stand L/M is compatible with the large and medium sized Base Plates and Pack & Carry Fireplaces.




4 lbs (1.8 kg)


L 17.3" W 17.3" H 4.2"

Best Use

Fireplace Base Plate (M)
Fireplace Base Plate (L)
Takibi Fire & Grill


Stainless Steel


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