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Bartender Set
Bartender Set
Bartender Set

Bartender Set

A complete set of tools for making and enjoying drinks, the Bartender Set is designed for use at home or while camping. Use the Measuring Spoon as a jigger for crafting cocktails, store in the Titanium Saké Bottle, and sip from the Ti-Double H450 Stacking Mug. Use the Titanium Saké Cups for saké or as a shot glass.




15.1 oz (428 g)


Measuring Spoon: 0.5 tsp - 2 TBL
Titanium Saké Bottle: 18.25 fl oz
Titanium Saké Cup: 1.85 fl oz
Ti-Double H450 Stacking Mug: 15.2 fl oz


Measuring Spoon, Titanium Saké Bottle, Titanium Saké Cup x 2, Ti-Double H450 Stacking Mug x 2


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