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What We’re Gifting

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

November 22nd , 2023

What We’re Gifting

The holiday season is upon us, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of gift selection, we’re here to help. Choosing the right gift for the right person can be challenging! To keep things simple, we created five different lists for five kinds of friends you may be shopping for this season.

The Homebody

Otherwise known as the Lounger or Winter Hibernator, the Homebody loves their cozy comforts. Help them create a warm space with soft textures, gentle light and a hot beverage to sip on. Each of these gifts offers ample versatility, in case your Homebody decides to ramp up their time outside in 2024.

The Foodie

Inspire the Foodie to bring their culinary passion outside. With the IGT Camp Kitchen Starter Set and a few necessary essentials, they’ll be thriving as a camp chef in no time. Dial things up a notch with the addition of the Smokemeister and don’t forget a sturdy apron for unexpected spills.

The Host

Also known as the Life of the Party, the Host loves to bring people together. What better way to gather with loved ones than Takibi Time? Help them create the ultimate fireside setup, complete with comfortable chairs and an extended table with plenty of space for beverages and snacks. A good time is sure to be had - whether they’re hosting at home or at the campsite.

The Snow Peak Pro

More commonly referred to as a Snow Peaker, the Snow Peak Pro can be a tricky one to shop for, because they have almost everything! Lucky for you, we’ve yet to meet anyone who owns every SKU we offer, and we’re sure to have a few special items to wow your dedicated Snow Peak enthusiast. Explore a few of our suggestions from a limited-edition colorway of the beloved Flexible Insulated line to unique AW23 Festival tents, and storage for their gear collection.

The First-Time Camper

The right gear makes the difference between a fun and a one and done camping trip. Help prepare the First-Time Camper in your life for the adventures ahead. Find the cornerstones of a comfortable campsite, like a reliable tent, folding dining table and chairs and a collapsible fire pit.

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