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Rumpl x Snow Peak Takibi Blanket

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

October 23rd , 2020

Rumpl x Snow Peak Takibi Blanket

It’s a problem we’ve all faced: you’re sitting by the fire, staring blissfully into the embers, when a log crackles and pops - sending sparks flying into the air and down onto your clothing or worse, bare skin.  

Takibi, or bonfire in Japanese, is at the heart of Snow Peak’s mission of restorative gatherings in nature. Bonfire has been central to the outdoor experience since ancient times. Takibi Time, or gathering by the fire with loved ones, provides a restorative opportunity to slow down, unplug and connect with one another.   


For decades, the Takibi Fire and Grill has been a central part of the Takibi Time fireside experience. The packable and modular firepit is designed to create a gathering anywhere – at home or in the backcountry. It’s at the heart of an extensive collection of products for cooking and gathering by the campfire. In recent years, Snow Peak has become known for our line of fire-resistant apparel utilizing highly technical fabrics and workwear designs.  

And now, we’ve collaborated with another Portland-based outdoor brand, Rumpl, to create an entirely new kind of fireside accessory: a flame-resistant blanket. Snow Peak and Rumpl share a home in Portland, Oregon, a deep love of the outdoors, and a passion for cutting-edge design focused on functional and sustainable goods. Our co-designed NanoLoft® Takibi Blanket epitomizes our shared values and expertise. It’s the first ever collaboration conceptualized and designed in the United States, and shared with our loyal outdoor enthusiasts in Japan.  

The top of the NanoLoft® Takibi Blanket is made of our proprietary recycled FR fabric, fire-resistant ripstop material that incorporates aramid, a heat-resistant fiber commonly found in firefighter uniforms in Japan. The blanket features Rumpl’s 100% post-consumer proprietary NanoLoft® insulation, which is made up of tiny circular clusters that mimic the properties of down.  

Soft, durable and functional, the blanket elevates the fireside experience by allowing you to spend more time enjoying the fire and less time brushing away those pesky sparks. 

Use the form below to enter our giveaway for your chance to win the Snow Peak x Rumpl Takibi Blanket!