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Outdoor Traditions

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

August 8th , 2022

Outdoor Traditions

As we approach the final month of summer, we asked a few members of our team to share the new outdoor traditions and activities they embraced this season. The Sales and Customer Experience Team highlighted some of their favorite moments, as well as the Snow Peak gear required to bring them to life.  

Chris S. National Sales Manager  

My wife, Laurie, and I spend a lot more time on our back deck having dinner or just drinks in our Low Beach Chairs. We utilize the Single Action Low Table and My Table for food and beverages. I also covered the deck with a Recta Tarp so we can use the space in any weather.  

I also picked up a Titanium Aurora Bottle this year and use that daily around the house, in the car, and on trips. It has become a mainstay for staying hydrated.  

Lastly, both Laurie and I wear our Flexible Insulated Shirts almost daily. Either around the house, while camping, bike commuting, or heading to the farmer’s market, they adorn our bodies most days of the week. The shirts perform well in a variety of temperatures and are easy to layer over or under clothing. This piece has become a mainstay for both of us. 

Crystal H. Senior Sales Manager 

My family has started a new tradition of camping with our 9-month-old any opportunity we get. We adorn every adventure with our Take! Long Chairs, which also live in our son Cedar’s nursery when we're not camping! We also enjoyed planning fun camp meals to cook on our Takibi Fire & Grill. We’ve become more creative than ever around the camp kitchen because of the amount of time we need to be in a single place – multiple nap times, early bedtimes – so my partner and I use that time to peacefully reconnect around cooking and the fire – regardless of the temperature outside.   

Dane B. Customer Experience  

A new activity I've started this year is summit hiking. On my excursions I prefer to use lightweight Snow Peak products like the Milk Bottle, Titanium Aurora Bottle, Light Field Backpack, and apparel such as the Takibi Light Ripstop Pant and Insect Shield Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Garrett H. Customer Experience Manager  

This summer, I rarely leave home without my Titanium Spork. It has opened so many opportunities to skip plastic and has improved my snacking capabilities. One thing I am working toward is a car cooking setup. Experiencing a hot quesadilla and Takibi Fire & Grill action post surf, hike, mountain climb has been an eye-opening life changer for me. I am still figuring out logistics but by next spring I plan to have an IGT setup for impromptu cookouts wherever my adventures take me.  

Shop essentials for an outdoor lifestyle and start creating new traditions of your own!