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Origin Story: Takibi Apparel

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

March 14th , 2022

Origin Story: Takibi Apparel

Takibi Time has been a central part of Snow Peak outdoor experiences since the introduction of the Takibi Fire and Grill. Fireside gatherings create moments of connection and offer a respite from the busyness of modern life.

When Snow Peak apparel launched in 2015, it was designed to blur the boundaries between urban and rural environments. The garments allow the wearers to seamlessly transition from the city to the campfield by combining high-performance materials with stylish silhouettes. In 2016, Snow Peak designers wanted to create a specialty line for time by the fire. It made sense to utilize flame-retardant material, so the wearer could stand close to the flames without worrying about sparks.

Following extensive research and testing in Niigata, the designers soon realized that options for flame-retardant materials were limited. While fire-resistant fabrics were used in military, firefighter, and first-responder uniforms, few were comfortable enough for casual, everyday wear. Snow Peak partnered with material-maker Teijin to create a specialty fabric using aramid, blended with a weave of Kanecaron.

Snow Peak created the fire-resistant Takibi series by using blends of aramid and Kanecaron with cotton, linen and other standard fabrics. Heavier aramid blends are used for winter seasons, while Kanecaron is used for lightweight layers. Each garment in the series has reliable fire-resistance properties that are maintained over time. The pieces are inspired by classic workwear styles and each one prioritizes functionality, with utilitarian loops, pouches, and large pockets. 

The fire-resistant garments allow wearers to fully embrace Takibi Time, free of worry about flying sparks. The line’s durability makes it a reliable staple for years of outdoor gatherings and memorable moments by the fire. The Takibi series is a central part of each apparel season, and fully exemplifies Snow Peak’s approach to outdoor-wear by maintaining high-performance without sacrificing style.

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