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Future Life With Noasobi

Written by: Michael Andersen

March 1st , 2023

Future Life With Noasobi

Snow Peak is pleased to announce a partnership with FUTURE LIFE FACTORY by Panasonic creative studio, exploring the theme of Naosobi, or “playing with nature” as it develops new products intended to deepen our society’s connection to nature. 

Noasobi literally translates to “playing in the field,” but it illustrates a broader picture of the joy experienced in nature. Noasobi is the peaceful feeling of waking up with the sunshine on your face. It’s sharing a beer with friends as you swap stories. It’s a child’s excitement at seeing their first shooting star.  

FUTURE LIFE FACTORY by Panasonic is a studio in Panasonic’s Design Center specializing in cutting-edge development, rethinking what it means to live well in the future. The studio explores  new types of businesses, taking a creative approach based on human values and social issues. 

Inspired by a fireside discussion, FUTURE LIFE FACTORY by Panasonic and Snow Peak USA began a collaborative partnership in 2022.  Over the past year, the teams have hosted numerous listening and innovation sessions at Snow Peak HQ in Japan, in Portland and soon in New York City. The brands believe that deepening our connection to nature inspires  the world’s environmental issues, and seek creative ways to solve them.  The end goal of the partnership is to bring new technologies to consumers as a way to remind us that we are a part of nature. 

“I first connected with the Panasonic team around a bonfire in 2021, when wildfires in North America were causing significant damage. Our discussion about the future began when we shared our sense of crisis and loss, which ran deeper than just a piece of news from a camper's perspective,” said Snow Peak Chief Brand Officer Yui Uchida. “We believe our future lives will be richer if we all take the viewpoint of playing in and learning from nature, and hope this will offer people a new perspective on environmental issues.”

“As a design group that thinks about future lifestyles, we feel the need to think not only about life in the home, but also to expand the sphere of our lives. The opportunity to think about this with Snow Peak, an expert in the field, was important inspiration,” said Tomoaki Ino, Lead Designer at Panasonic FUTURE LIFE FACTORY “In addition, when considering major social issues such as environmental problems, I feel that it is not just  ,a limited vision that can be envisioned by one department of one company, but that synergistic effects created through collaboration among companies from different industries are inevitably needed.

FUTURE LIFE FACTORY by Panasonic and Snow Peak are inviting the public to test prototype products through a workshop taking place March 17-19th at Snow Peak Brooklyn. Individuals will have the opportunity to take part in immersive experiences melding the digital and natural worlds. Additional event details below: 

Snow Peak USA × FUTURE LIFE FACTORY by Panasonic "Noasobi × Kurashi Exhibition 

Launch Party: 3/17 from 7:00pm-9:00pm
Exhibition: 3/18-19 from 12:00pm-6:00pm

Snow Peak Brooklyn, 76 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

RSVP via the event website.