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Elevated Camp Cooking with Cody Auger

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

May 8th , 2023

Elevated Camp Cooking with Cody Auger

Takibi Executive Chef Cody Auger brought his culinary craft to camp and shared a collection of delicious recipes from the restaurant’s menu. It’s a well-established fact that food tastes better while camping, and this collection of flavorful dishes is sure to create an unforgettable meal.  

IGT Karaage - This crispy Japanese fried chicken will surely be a favorite on your next camping trip. Follow along to learn how to make this signature dish from our restaurant Takibi.  

IGT Tofu Donuts - Elevate your camp dessert and treat yourself to these decadent donuts.  

IGT Spring Salad - Enjoy the fresh flavors of this seasonal salad. Pair it with the Takibi Spring Chinook or IGT Karaage for a filling camp dinner.  

Takibi Cabbage - Savor the smokey charr on this grilled cabbage. Cook it over the fire for a delicious side or main dish. 

Takibi Spring Chinook - Grill a fresh catch over the fire! This simple recipe requires few ingredients but provides maximum flavor.  

Reclaim the joy of camp cooking! Elevate your outdoor kitchen with the new IGT Camp Kitchen Starter Set, or build out a fully customized setup with the Iron Grill Table system. Don’t miss refreshing beverages from mixologist Jim Meehan.