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Camp Recipe: Spring Gomaae Salad

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

May 8th , 2023

Camp Recipe: Spring Gomaae Salad

Takibi Executive Chef Cody Auger brought his culinary craft to camp and shared a collection of delicious recipes from the restaurant’s menu. Savor the taste of spring with this simple and fresh salad, topped with a tangy gomaae dressing.  



  • Mixed greens 
  • Sliced carrot 
  • Fried gobo 
  • Gomaae Dressing: 
  • 80g toasted sesame 
  • 80g sesame paste (or tahini) 
  • 55g sugar 
  • 36g light soy sauce (usukuchi) 
  • 160g rice vinegar 
  • 120g mirin nikiri (sweet sake with the alcohol cooked off) 


Use a y-peeler to thinly shave the gobo into a water bath.  Meanwhile, heat a shallow pan 1/2" full of vegetable oil to 365°. Strain the gobo and let drain for 5 min.  Fry until golden brown in small batches, salting after each batch. Blend gomaae sauce ingredients to create the dressing. Toss salad and carrots in dressing until desired seasoning, then plate and top with sesame seed and fried gobo. 

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