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Camp In Comfort: Mojave Desert

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

April 3rd , 2023

Camp In Comfort: Mojave Desert

The unique wilderness of the desert beckons. Its vast skyline, rugged terrain, and spiky flora offer an otherworldly feel. A group of campers caravan down a dusty gravel road into the Mojave. Their only plan is to get away – escape the hustle, slow down, and reconnect with nature. They choose an isolated spot dotted with Joshua trees and protected by a rocky bluff. They unload boxes of neatly packed gear from their vehicles. The ring of hammering stakes fills the air as the camp takes shape, centered around an elegant tarp held in place by taut guylines.   

Tents are set up spaced evenly around the tarp; each one outfitted with cozy comforts – a cot, sleeping bag, side table, and lantern. As the sun dips towards the horizon and a purple hue tints the sky, the campers settle into a circle of chairs under the tarp, illuminated by a string of glowing lights. A fire is started, and a gas stove hisses as the camp kitchen comes to life. Tacos are on the menu. Then it's s'mores for dessert before the youngest campers are tucked into their sleeping bags. The Milky Way makes its appearance, casting a soft glow on the campsite. After hours of chatter, the rest of the campers make their way to their tents and fall asleep to the desert's whispering midnight breeze.   

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