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Behind the Design: Iron Grill Table

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

April 26th , 2021

Behind the Design: Iron Grill Table

Anyone who’s camped more than a handful of times is familiar with the challenges of outdoor cooking. From space limitations to unreliable stoves or work surfaces, creating delicious meals can feel a bit frustrating. Plus, indoor and outdoor kitchens alike have a tendency to draw people in, and you might often find yourself juggling space for socialization while you’re cooking.

Enter the Iron Grill Table (IGT) system: Snow Peak’s solution to all your camp kitchen challenges. With an IGT setup, you can reclaim the joys of outdoor cooking by creating a customized space for a social cooking and dining experience.

Modular and Customizable


Use the Iron Grill Table to create a space that works for you. The system is completely customizable, whether you’re looking for a maximalist setup with a wraparound kitchen and extended dining area or a basic scene with one frame with a cooker and a workspace insert. Whatever setup you decide on, you can always continue to build and expand with any of the pieces from the IGT line. Choose from a broad assortment of inserts, such as stoves and barbeques, bamboo and stainless steel worktops and storage solutions, plus four different leg height options and a variety of extensions and accessories.

Indoor / Outdoor Versatility


At Snow Peak, we think the lines between indoor and outdoor living should be blurred. This approach is exemplified in the Iron Grill Table system, which seamlessly transitions between environments. Enjoy a setup like the Entry IGT Table in your living room as a coffee table, then pack it up and take it to the campground, insert a cooker and use it as your kitchen space.

Packable & Portable


Each piece of the Iron Grill Table ecosystem breaks down for incredibly compact storage. Simply unscrew the legs, remove the inserts and pack it all in some of Snow Peak’s reliable gear cases for an on-the-go solution that’s ready for your next adventure.

Beautifully Minimalist


Like all Snow Peak products, the Iron Grill Table epitomizes elegant functionality and minimalism. Combining materials like bamboo and stainless steel, the line offers a pleasing aesthetic for the home or campsite. Every setup will complement its surroundings and visually integrate with Snow Peak furniture, tents and tarps.

Visit our Iron Grill Table page to start building your own customized camp kitchen.