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Introducing: At Home Campout 2021

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

April 27th , 2021

Introducing: At Home Campout 2021

Last May, during the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, a small group of Snow Peak employees gathered on a video call to discuss the upcoming start to camping season and ponder ways to preserve the pure moments and memories created by gathering in nature. Gatherings were out of the question, and most campgrounds were closed. How could Snow Peak still deliver on our mission to bring people together to experience the healing power of time outside?

This group had an idea – though we were apart, perhaps we could unite Snow Peakers new and old for one night under the same stars. Snow Peak would organize a ‘remote campout’ over Memorial Day, the first three-day weekend of the summer, and the traditional start to peak camping season. So a few weeks later, we invited outdoor enthusiasts to join us for the Snow Peak At Home Campout. We hoped to turn the holiday weekend into a memorable and fun experience, despite the global crisis we faced.

In truth, we anticipated excitement from our most loyal Snow Peakers, but what we didn't foresee was the camaraderie and enthusiasm of thousands of campers joining from 3,000 registered campouts in 57 countries across six continents. The weekend demonstrated a powerful moment of community that we feel deserves to live on!

 Left image is a person cooking over an amazing IGT setup. Right image is a small child exploring the outdoor kitchen.

So the Snow Peak At Home Campout is back for 2021. This time, we're not on a mission to save Memorial Day but to offer our growing community a shared experience: time to slow down, press pause on the busyness of life, and reconnect to the outdoors with our loved ones.

It's easy to let the 24/7 digital connection and conveniences of modern society wear us down and separate us from the rhythms of nature. We hope the At Home Campout offers everyone an intentional time to experience Noasobi, the pure moments that can be had under the open sky. The At Home Campout is intended to be as inclusive as possible – for anyone, in any place, in any way. Whether you're camping in your backyard, enjoying a picnic in the park, or spending the weekend trekking in the backcountry – there's no wrong way to join in the fun.

The At Home Campout is free, and we're bringing back many camper favorites from the last year, with new twists and additions. While supplies last, registered campers in the contiguous 48 states will receive a Campout Kit with an activity book filled with puzzles, how-tos, recipes, Takibi Libs, paper airplane materials, and even a campfire song. The kit will also include limited-edition stickers and a bundle of fire starter. All campers, regardless of location, will have access to the digital version of the activity book for instant download. We've also expanded our suite of exclusive content – offering first access to new products, gear insights, recipe demonstrations, and a complete opening ceremonies program.

Left image is a woman wearing an At Home Campout t-shirt. Right image is a man wearing an At Home Campout sweatshirt.

One addition we're especially excited about is our limited-edition line of Camp Merchandise, designed for this event and with 100% of the proceeds directly supporting City Kids Wilderness Project, our official At Home Campout Non-Profit Partner. Explore the collection, learn more about City Kids' impactful outdoor programming or donate directly.

While the At Home Campout isn't taking place until May 28th, we have a full few weeks of special programming planned. Follow along on social media to join our weekly Takibi Times on Instagram Live and to learn more about our forthcoming social media contests. You can also visit our calendar page to learn more about what's ahead.

We hope you join us for an unplugged weekend of connection with nature and our loved ones. We'll see you out there - don't forget to keep an eye out for your fellow Snow Peakers!