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Snow Peak Campfield Origins

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

October 26th , 2021

Snow Peak Campfield Origins

A brand-operated campground may seem to be a novel concept in the USA, but Snow Peak is no stranger to experiential ventures. The forthcoming campfield in Long Beach, Washington, is preceded by six Snow Peak campfields in Japan. 

Snow Peak opened its first campfield at HQ1 in its home prefecture of Niigata. Located next to Snow Peak’s global headquarters, the Niigata Campfield fundamentally changed Snow Peak’s engagement with customers, offering a deeper sense of connection and purpose while also serving as a real-life test lab for new products. Eventually, Snow Peak opened five additional campfields across Japan, providing its customers with rejuvenating moments in nature. All Snow Peak’s campfields in Japan offer campers the opportunity to reconnect with nature without skimping on comfort or amenities. Each one provides a variety of sites from tents to jyubakos (tiny cabins), and several offer retail stores, specialty activities, and food & beverage concepts.  

Campfields & Social Camping 

The campfield nomenclature references traditional campgrounds in Japan. Unlike typical campsites in the United States, there is often no delineation between sites. Instead, campers select their spot in an open field, usually next to their fellow outdoor enthusiasts. This open space approach naturally spurred a more social camping experience in Japan. Instead of isolated sites with limited interactions between groups, campers are integrated and often visit other’s setups. This community-oriented atmosphere is a core part of Snow Peak’s gathering ethos and approach to outdoor culture.   

Snow Peak Campfield Long Beach 

Here in the United States, the typical campground experience has been unchanged for many decades. Campers have their own sites, often connected by a road winding through the campground. The areas are often separated by space or natural barriers, discouraging social encounters.  

The Snow Peak Campfield in Long Beach, Washington, will re-envision the camping experience. The concept of the site is centered on creating connections – both between humans and between humans and nature.  

Campers can choose to stay in an open campfield or more private sites, and all can engage with other guests at the café & bar and in intentional community spaces throughout the acreage. The removal of cars from the campfield is another deliberate decision to orchestrate a connection with nature. Instead, campers can use high-efficiency hand carts for setting up their site.  

The Long Beach Campfield will have several elevated amenities, including an onsen with a sauna and soaking tub, jyubako tiny homes for rent, a store with Snow Peak gear and camping sundries, and a full assortment of essentials for rent.  

We can’t wait to welcome Snow Peakers to the Long Beach Campfield in 2023. Stay updated on the project’s progress by following along on Instagram @snowpeakcampfield.