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Tobachi 2 in White
Tobachi 2 in White

Tobachi 2 in White

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The Tobachi 2 in White is an insulated system lunchbox that has multiple meal components. Use the Tobachi 2 in White as a lunchbox or use it at a picnic. It features a set of two Tobachi Medium in White and a case. Four Tobachi Small or two Tobachi Medium can fit in one case. Pair the Tobachi 2 in White with the  Takubako in Brown for transport and use as a table.




2.8 lbs (1.3 kg)


Tobachi Medium: D 3.9" H 3.3"
Case: D 4.6" H 7.9"

Insulation Time

4 Hours

Specifications & Features


  • Insulated Travel Food Container
  • Use for Picnics, Lunches & Storage
  • Can Store up to 4 Tobachi Small or 2 Medium


  • Tobachi Medium x 2
  • Case


  • Case: Stainless, Polypropylene
  • Tobachi: Porcelain, Silicone

Basic Care

Use a sponge with mild soap and water to clean the Tobachi Medium and case, and the Tobachi Medium can also be used in the dishwasher. Allow them to air dry completely before storage.