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Fireplace Base Plate M

Fireplace Base Plate M

3200 Life Value Points (x100)
66 Snow Peak Points (Bronze x2)
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Designed in Japan, the steel Fireplace Base Plate M is intended to protect the ground from heat. The Fireplace Base Plate reflects the heat away from the ground, leaving no trace of a fire behind. Featuring four small notches for the Pack & Carry Fireplace legs, the Baseplate keeps the fireplace stable. Pair the Fireplace Base Plate M with the Pack & Carry M Fireplace and the Base Plate Stand L/M.




3.4 lbs (1.3 kg)


L 14.6" W 14.6" H 0.3"

use with

Pack & Carry M Fireplace
Pack & Carry Base Plate Stand M/L

Specifications & Features


  • Reflects Fireplace Heat from the Ground
  • Leaves No Trace
  • Catches Fireplace Ashes & Embers


  • Fireplace Base Plate M


  • Steel