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The Peg & Hammer Story

Written by: Mickey Godfrey

March 26th , 2018

The Peg & Hammer Story

The sturdy Solid Stake debuted in 1995, changing the history of tent pegs. They are made by forging, a process of molding hot iron rods into pegs performed by heating them to high temperatures and then beating them to spec. They are still made this way today in the Tsubame-Sanjo where Snow Peak has its head office.

The Peg Hammer was developed s year later as a tool for driving in the sturdy pegs, and just like the Solid Stake, the head was crafted through a forging process to ensure the swinging power is reliably transmitted to the peg. 

At the time of its debut, the Solid Stakes were durable and lightweight while boasting the strength to support the heavy tarps, tents and shetlers that were a major part of the Snow Peak product line at the time. It came as no surprise that such a superior process was a part of the Snow Peak story as Niigata Prefecture holds a reputation all throughout Japan, and the world, as a region capable of producing high quality metalwork.  

The high-temp treatment each Solid Stake and hammer head endures in it;'s manufacturing process has been passed down from generation to generation, each time perfected to an even higher degree. This style of metalworking allows the steel to grow strong through the tapping process, a technique which has been used for centuries to develop ancient Japanese swords.

The shape of the Solid Stake has remained unchanged since then, because the designers really thought out how a peg works. The cylindrical head sustains the hammer blows; the large hook keeps the rope from slipping off; the hole at the head accommodates the hammer’s hook when pulling up the peg.



Solid Stake comes in four sizes, giving campers a variety of options based on ground conditions and the gear in use. Paired with the Peg Hammer to drive each stake into the ground, the combination has become an essential part of the Snow Peak camping experience.