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The Next 20 Years

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

November 1st , 2019

The Next 20 Years

Experiencing NOASOBI 

Snow Peak USA is on the cusp of an exciting era of growth and expansion. In early 2020, Snow Peak will relaunch a totally reimagined website - ensuring the digital front door to the world of Snow Peak captures what makes the brand so legendary offline. In the spring of 2020, the USA Flagship and Headquarters will open and serve as a community gathering place that brings Snow Peak to life like never before. In the coming years, there are plans to open more retail locations and hospitality activations across the country.  Snow Peak USA COO Matt Liddle shared more about the company’s vision for the future.

“Snow Peak’s growth and evolution over the last twenty years will be amplified in the coming decades. Snow Peak’s mission and approach to time in nature has a powerful opportunity to bring people together. We intend to dig deeper into the healing effect time in the outdoors has on us all by prioritizing experiences for our users. In all our future endeavors, Snow Peak’s customers will continue to be our True North.” 

As Snow Peak USA expands, cultivating experiences in nature will become a core offering. In Japan, Snow Peak owns and operates six different campsites, providing a gathering place for fans of the brand. The Snow Peak USA team is actively exploring opportunities to bring this concept to the United States. Snow Peak USA CFO Ross Halbach said an emphasis on experiences will be a powerful way to deepen relationships with Snow Peak customers. 

“The future of Snow Peak will be an ecosystem of experiences, whether it’s an everyday interaction with a Titanium Mug or a multi-day excursion, like a Snow Peak camping trip. The Snow Peak approach to enjoying the outdoors is truly unique and can only be fully grasped during immersive encounters.”

Snow Peak’s gear and apparel lines are the tools that fuel users’ interactions with nature. In the coming year, gear and apparel lines will be extended with more unique items that were previously only available in Japan. Further, under Snow Peak CEO Tohru Yamai’s leadership, research and development will begin in the United States to create gear that caters specifically to American users. Yamai moved to Oregon in May2019 and said exploring American outdoor culture has provided valuable insights.  

By leading R&D in the USA, we will create gear and experiences that stay true to Snow Peak’s Japanese heritage while also incorporating the unique perspective and expectations of American users. Wherever Snow Peak’s products are designed, they will always adhere to the same craftmanship standard of quality and functionality. Further, Snow Peak’s call to NOASOBI or embracing your nature will remain at the core of all we do in the years to come.”