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The Mission

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

October 26th , 2019

The Mission

A Message From Tohru Yamai - Snow Peak’s President and CEO

Snow Peak’s name originates from the famous Japanese mountain, Tanigawa, where my father, Yukio Yamai, the founder of Snow Peak, repeatedly challenged himself, both physically and mentally, throughout his early life. Mount Tanigawa is known worldwide, not only for the natural beauty of its noble peaks but also for the numbers that have failed while attempting to reach its glorious summit.

Much has changed since Snow Peak was founded by my father in Niigata, Japan more than 60 years ago. Today’s rapid evolution of technology increases the convenience of our daily lives but sacrifices precious human-to-human interactions. Social media has replaced true intimacy with empty encounters. We are more isolated, anxious and stressed than ever before.

Snow Peak’s mission is centered on a deeply held belief that time spent in nature has the power to heal, cultivate happiness and build connections. Snow Peak seeks to restore humanity by gathering people to experience the rhythms of nature. When we gather around a fire under the stars, we can connect to our true selves and nurture deeper relationships with our loved ones. Using Snow Peak’s products and experiences as a catalyst, we hope to introduce people to the healing nature of the outdoors and foster a close-knit community of enthusiasts around the worldSince the beginning, Snow Peak has remained centered on our customers’ needs. Their happiness is our True North. The craftsmanship and attention to design in all our products are driven by a desire to provide beautiful, functional items that fuel inspirational experiences in nature. Since Snow Peak employees are avid campers themselves, our gear is created with the end-user in mind. We greatly value our relationship with our customers and will continue to cultivate it for years to come, whether through our annual Snow Peak Way campout or other experiences.

It is our hope that we can create a global movement where Snow Peak provides avenues for users to “Noasobi,” or embrace their nature.