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Spring Summer 2021 Lookbook

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

March 1st , 2021

Spring Summer 2021 Lookbook

The Snow Peak Spring Summer 2021 Collection is inspired by the unique crossroads where we find ourselves. Much of life has slowed or been paused for the last 11 months. The unknown future lays ahead, but we have a moment to recalibrate our lives to be more in rhythm with nature. We can define our pace and embrace a life that’s grounded in the earth.

Shot in Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture, the Spring Summer 2021 Lookbook explores the theme of harmony with nature. The photos feature the Kimishima family at their home and farm. The father, Yuya, supports his family through growing and selling organic crops on his permaculture farm. Though he was born in Tokyo and spent time in other urban centers like Kyoto and Hachioji, Yuya longed for a life that was connected to the earth. Now, as a farmer whose life centers around the rhythms of the seasons, his deepest wish is for his children and grandchildren will remain connected nature. 

With reliable technical fabrics and distinctive Snow Peak minimalism, the Spring Summer 2021 apparel empowers the wearer to embrace the shifting seasons and reconnect to nature. As always, the collection’s garments merge comfort, high-tech functionality and style with soft neutral colorways reminiscent of spring.