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Rural Revitalization & Project Updates

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

June 20th , 2022

Rural Revitalization & Project Updates

As part of the 2022 Snow Peak Catalog, Snow Peak’s global team announced the goal of 47 new campfields across Japan, one in every prefecture. As work continues in the US on the Long Beach Campfield, we’re excited and inspired by the continued expansion of campfields across Japan and the efforts dedicated to revitalizing rural, regional economies.  

As demand for camping increases, it’s essential to provide high-quality sites that offer an escape into nature. In Japan, Snow Peak has a vast audience of more than 600,000 users, many with decades of experience with the brand. As a result, snow Peakers frequently travel around Japan to enjoy a variety of campsites.Snow Peak’s approach to campsite development carefully considers the surrounding environment and landscape. We avoid modifying or changing landscapes whenever possible, so when campers take down their tents, the natural surroundings should remain pristine and scenic. We also think camping should be comfortable, so all our sites have clean toilets and hot water. These amenities allow campers to focus on making memories with their friends and family. 

All campfields in Japan are run by Snow Peak staff who live locally. This approach creates connections to local communities, building bridges between campers and nearby residents. In addition, snow Peak staff become experts in each area's charms and attractions, offering visitors suggestions and directions. Snow Peak’s goal is to ignite regional revitalization through each campfield.  

Snow Peak partners with local industries near campfields and store locations. For example, in Oita Prefecture near Snow Peak Okuhita, locals traditionally make Hita Geta (old-fashioned footwear) from Hita cedar trees. Collaborating with local designers, Snow Peak launched HITA Geta, synthesizing traditional design and manufacturing techniques with the Snow Peak style. The footwear is sold throughout Japan and at Snow Peak’s overseas subsidiaries, thus promoting the quality of the Oita artisans to Snow Peak communities worldwide.

Snow Peak is continuing its efforts to connect Snow Peakers with local communities through Local Tourism. This kind of tourism offers personalized experiences with each region's cultures, traditions, and artisan backgrounds. In addition, we hope to increase the number of people interacting with each other through Snow Peak campfields to connect with the area's nature and culture.   

This approach to rural revitalization remains at the forefront as we continue on our journey towards opening the first Snow Peak campfield in the United States. We’re committed to supporting and partnering with the local artisans and recreation experts on the Long Beach peninsula to offer our guests an authentic and rich experience and do our part to contribute to the community we’ve joined. 

After months of demolition and planning during the wettest spring in decades, we’re thrilled to share that construction is progressing at the Long Beach Campfield. We hope you’ll enjoy a closer look at the project by watching our high-definition rendering tour developed by our architectural team. 

We hope it spurs excitement for our opening in 2023 – we can’t wait to welcome you!