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Packard Creek

Written by: Michael Andersen

August 25th , 2018

Packard Creek

When new gear comes in from Japan, it has become standard practice for the brand team to take everything out for a test run and content shoot in Oregon. This time the team headed to Packard Creek Campground! Wait. Where? It's a three hour drive from Portland that we're camping at for two nights? Sounds perfect!

Not only are we always excited when we get to ditch the office and embrace our nature, but this time we got to test out the brand new highly anticipated Entry Pack Tent & Tarp.


The two in one entry set had been creating quite a stir among the company not only because of it's lower price point, but because it is the perfect home base and entry setup for nature embracers. Featuring the Vault tent and Amenity Tarp Hexa, the Entry Pack Tent & Tarp is like having a covered patio outside your front door. Add a full IGT kitchen, and you have our Packard Creek setup.


Nestled in the Willamette National forest outside of Oakridge Oregon, Packard Creek is a lush campground tucked away along Hills Creek Lake. While the site comes alive on the weekends, it falls asleep during the mid week making our tent village and two wide eyed enamored camp hosts the campgrounds only occupants. For anyone not used to our products, I imagine it was quite a sight to see five living room tents with entire kitchens occupying a group site.


Sneaking out from the trees, the team soon realized the open beauty that surrounded us. Our second afternoon was spent capturing some of the best content of the trip while watching the clouds pass overhead. Wait, is that a centaur with wings? No no, definitely a great white whale that is turning into a pirate ship.


While every brand trip is a 'pinch me am I working now?' experience, this one was particularly special as we got to share it with other members of the Snow Peak USA team. Takibi fire talks, brand stories, and some of the best Would You Rathers of all time created some great team bonding that quenched our thirst, while fueling our desire for another team trip in the very near future. 

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