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Noasobi, Explained

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

May 2nd , 2022

Noasobi, Explained

Twenty years ago, Snow Peak endured a challenging period. In Japan, interest in camping was waning, and Snow Peak’s growth had stagnated as a result. One day during a meeting, a young employee spoke up.  

He said, “None of us knows the reason for our existence. But when we see our customers smile, it makes us want to go on.” 

This simple yet profound statement pivoted the course of the brand and recentered it on the happiness of our customers. It was at this moment that the concept of noasobi took on a central role within the Snow Peak experience.  

Noasobi literally translates to “playing in the field,” but in our view, it illustrates a broader picture of the joy experienced in nature. Noasobi is the peaceful feeling of waking up with the sunshine on your face. It’s sharing a beer with friends during Takibi Time as you swap stories. It’s a child’s excitement at seeing their first shooting star.  

Scenes from our recent trip to the Oregon Coast offer a clear visual of the powers of time outside. Though the weather was cool and the wind was brisk, the majesty of the shoreline, blue-green waves, and epic sunsets infused a sense of awe. Further, the lighthearted moments shared among the group reminded us all of the importance of slowing down to enjoy nature together.  


Snow Peak’s mission is to restore the human spirit through time outside. Our gear, apparel, and experiences serve as catalysts for memorable moments that reconnect us to the rhythms of nature. When we succeed in our mission, noasobi is the result. More than two decades after that meeting at Snow Peak’s headquarters, noasobi is embedded in the Snow Peak DNA and inspires all that we do.  

As the weather warms and winter thaws, we hope you, too, can emerge into the sunshine and embrace nature’s wonder.