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Looking Back: Snow Peak Way

Written by: Michael Andersen

October 4th , 2018

Looking Back: Snow Peak Way

What can I say? We're still day dreaming of those warm nights and fun days at Beacon Rock. And also, there are just so so so many photos. I had to find another excuse to share them here with everyone. 

Stream of conscience, and a bit off the rails, here are literally some of my favorite times and most fond memories looking back at Snow Peak Way USA: Takibi time, every night, all the crazy dogs doing... you know, dog things, true-family camping in the Japanese styles, friends from all over the country, all in one place, wasps, oh my, the wasps (sorry everyone), delectable custom made soap from our friends Taylor and Nori at Maak Lab, THE UNION WINE TRUCK, paper-airplane contest... love that the kids won! The eats from Dirty Gourmet... those ladies can cook! So many S'MORES. Probably too many s'mores.

The simple fact that we actually got to go on a 100 person hike, and the air was crips and clean. A truly remarkable respite from the smoke filled days we'd encountered and lived in day to day all summer. Swimming in the Columbia river... who'd of thunk it?

UGH how about all that Suntory? Maybe a few too many Culmination beers too... LOADS of new friends, and even old friends too, long nights at the bar, hand-shaved freakin' ice cubes (Thanks Johhny), photo booths (and photo-bombs), SO MANY AMENITY DOMES, and a few too many Tortue's too. Endless pour over coffee from Ristretto and oatmeal every morning. And try as I might, I could never wake up before Kohei. 

Honestly, it was one of the most amazing and incredible things I've had the honor of helping put together, so thank you to everyone that made it happen. Snow Peak staff, special guests, and all the campers...we couldn't' do this without you. It was truly a special experience.

 Now, let's bypass the prose and get down to what you came here for: more photos. Take a look at SPW through the lens of Wyatt of our US brand team and Hide from our Japanese brand team. Oh, and please sign up for the next Snow Peak Way USA. You won't want to miss it this time.