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Introducing: Takibi

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

May 17th , 2021

Introducing: Takibi

After much anticipation, we’re elated to introduce Takibi, Snow Peak’s first restaurant in the USA. Located at HQ4, our North American Headquarters and Flagship in Portland, Oregon, Takibi is inspired by Japan, the changing seasons, and the bonds built while gathering by the fire.

Many have asked why Snow Peak, an outdoor gear and apparel company, is opening a restaurant. At its core, Snow Peak is a gathering brand. We stand for the power of slowing down and deeply believe that time spent outdoors is the antidote to the stresses of modern life. Our outdoor goods have long served as a catalyst for moments of connection with nature and one another. Snow Peak also has a deep affinity for food and drink – and the majority of our products are food-related.

By opening Takibi, we’ll further our commitment to these values and offer an immersive experience that brings the brand to life in new and authentic ways. Takibi, bonfire in Japanese, provides a place for friends and family to come together, whether indulging in a memorable meal or delighting in a thoughtfully prepared beverage.

We’re excited to offer a first look at the food and beverage concept and the beautifully designed space.

Left photo showing a line cook preparing a meal. Right photo showing a beautiful dessert presentation.

A beautiful wood tray filled with small plates of perfectly plated food.

Left photo shows a bright pink cocktail in a stem glass. Right photo shows a person stirring a cocktail as they prepare it.

Food & Beverage

We’ve partnered with the award-winning Submarine Hospitality to operate Takibi. Well-known for their outstanding restaurants Ava Genes, Tusk, Grand Stark Deli, and Cicoria, the collaboration informed menu direction, branding, and restaurant and kitchen design. Takibi serves a Japanese-inspired cuisine by way of the Pacific Northwest, centered around seasonal cooking of local ingredients on a wood-burning hearth with a beverage program rooted in the bounty of Japan and Oregon.

Executive Chef Alex Kim leads the culinary team and brings the menu to life. Working with local farmers, ranchers, fishers, and other purveyors, he brings the premium seasonal ingredients to the table – offering dishes that shift with the rhythms of nature. Kim has a decade of experience cooking both in Japan as well as working at the award-winning San Francisco restaurant Rintaro and New York’s Kaijitsu. At Takibi, he’s carefully honed the menu that features small plates designed to share for an intimate dining experience inspired by Japanese izakayas.

Renowned barman Jim Meehan developed the beverage program, which is expertly executed by Bar Manager Lydia McLuen. The bar offerings include a local selection of wines and beers, including the Takibi Pilsner, brewed by Ferment Brewing in Hood River. The cocktail menu offers beverages with Japanese accents integrated with a Pacific Northwest focus that includes coffee from Proud Mary and Japanese tea from Mizuba, Kettl, and Smith. A concise sake list is available by the cup and carafe, highlighting breweries from Niigata, Snow Peak’s home prefecture.

Left photo shows the neon Takibi sign that hangs outside. Right photo shows the entry stairs with bright light, lots of plants, and warm wood accents.

Interior of Takibi with the bar on the left and the open kitchen in the back.

Left image shows a glowing hearth. Right image shows stacks of wood for the hearth and someone walking past.

A Look Inside

Snow Peak partnered with Skylab Architecture to design Takibi. Fire and nature serve as the driving inspirations behind every detail. The open layout reflects the culinary experience enjoyed while camping, with minimal barriers between kitchen and dining spaces. Guests and staff are part of a shared environment intended to foster a feeling of community.

Natural materials are used throughout the space, an extension of Snow Peak’s commitment to minimalist design. Warm wood used on the walls and throughout the space is reminiscent of Snow Peak’s Jyubako tiny home. A beautiful wooden beam stretches the length of the bar.

The wood-burning hearth can be seen throughout the space, harkening back to Snow Peak’s belief that fire is the center of every gathering. Tiles from the kilns of artisan producer Heath Ceramics are used on the walls. Each one has unique striations from the tools that remove ceramics from the kiln.

Wraparound windows flood the space with natural light, allowing greenery to flourish throughout the interior. Snow Peak details are integrated throughout the guest experience. Mini Flames top each table, offering flickering candle-like lighting. Our collapsible Wabuki Chopsticks sit at each place setting. The booth designs are modeled after Snow Peak’s Campfield Futon, and the tabletops feature natural bamboo finishes. Select beverages are served in the iconic Ti-Double 450 Mug.

Diners can also enjoy year-round outdoor dining on Takibi’s expansive patio, surrounded by a growing wall of greenery for an escape from the city.

Open seven days a week as of May 18th, Takibi is located at 2275 NW Flanders, just off Portland’s Northwest 23rd Avenue. We look forward to welcoming you for a meal! Book a reservation at Follow on Instagram at @takibi_pdx.