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Origin Story: Iron Grill Table

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

July 6th , 2021

Origin Story: Iron Grill Table

The Iron Grill Table (IGT) is one of Snow Peak's most unique and extensive product systems. Its versatility enables a range of setups – from at-home coffee tables to full-scale wraparound kitchens. Every detail of the IGT system is carefully considered – informed by the meticulous design of its predecessors.

Snow Peak Layout System & Comfort Standard

In the 1980s, Snow Peak set out to create the ultimate standard of comfort for outdoor enthusiasts. The development team studied camp tasks and activities and tested the best ergonomics. After compiling their findings, they created the Snow Peak Layout System (SLS) and the Comfort Standard. The optimal table height was set at 26 inches off the ground. This standard height not only informed the Iron Grill Table system but serves as the basis for staple products like the Take! Chair and Single Action Table.

Additionally, as part of the Comfort Standard, Snow Peak began to offer campsite layout recommendations to ensure campers enjoyed an efficient and relaxing outdoor experience. For example, campers are advised to set up their outdoor kitchen under the cover of tarps for added shade while positioning the tents facing the tarp for an integrated living space.



The Snow Peak Layout System and Comfort Standard were first epitomized in the Multi-Stand. As the precursor to the Iron Grill Table, the Multi-Stand offered a stable base for the Double Burner Stove or a cooler and could also serve as a table by adding a top. In 1989, Snow Peak added a connection point feature, furthering the Multi-Stand's capabilities by allowing users to build extended setups. The connection point also served as a building block for the future IGT system.

Iron Grill Table

This design heritage was essential in the Iron Grill Table's development. The Comfort Standard continued to evolve, resulting in four different leg heights to serve standing, lounging, and low style positions. Additionally, the intentional design of the Multi-Stand inspired innovations in the Iron Grill Table collection, like the height adjuster and corner extensions, for maximum modularity and further customized setups. The IGT system allows campers to create comfortable and highly functional cooking and gathering spaces – wherever they find themselves.

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