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Examining Snow Peak Style Camping

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

May 16th , 2022

Examining Snow Peak Style Camping

As an outdoor brand with more than sixty years of history, we've had plenty of time to develop a unique perspective on camping. Our approach was deeply influenced by our rich Japanese heritage and belief in the healing power of the outdoors. Snow Peak's style of camping is not the only way to enjoy time outside, but in our view, it's the best way to truly slow down and reconnect with the rhythms of nature.  

In Japan, most campgrounds are open fields where campers select a spot to pitch their tent. Unlike camping in the US, there are few barriers between campsites. This environment created a communal camping culture, where it was not uncommon to mingle with other campers, forging new friendships and lasting memories.  This gathering-centric approach is embedded into Snow Peak's values and product design ethos. Our product assortment spans categories, but it's fair to say most items, whether large or small, play a role in creating gathering-friendly environments.  

Generosity and a spirit of hospitality come to the forefront in a Snow Peak campout. Each year at Snow Peak Way, campers receive the limited-edition Mini Backpacker's Cup. While its small size may seem impractical at first glance, it's an easy way for campers to share a taste of their meals. It's commonplace for campers to wander from site to site with their cup, exchanging delicious bites of dinner.  There's nothing wrong with roughing it in the outdoors, but we prefer to integrate the comforts of home into our campsite. The traditional Snow Peak site features a tent and tarp combination offering a spacious area for cooking, gathering, and relaxing. Snow Peak's modular Iron Grill Table system offers a versatile kitchen for seamless meal preparation.  

The end result is a well-designed, comfortable camp that feels like an extension of the home. We think these elevated amenities allow us to fully relax and embrace a slower pace. In our view, the simple act of being outside rejuvenates our spirits.  A tenet of the Snow Peak mission is spreading the essential life values inspired by being with nature. Our deep belief in the power of camping and time outside compels us to work towards a future where everyone can access and enjoy the outdoors. If you haven't already, we invite you to join us for the Campout For Good! Sign up for free to use the power of camping to increase outdoor access. Snow Peak will donate $1 to Outdoors Empowered Network for every camper who joins, and you can further your support by purchasing limited-edition merchandise and gear from our Impact Collection.