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Cycling in Death Valley

Written by: Mickey Godfrey

December 10th , 2017

Cycling in Death Valley
The seeds of Dylan VanWeelden’s life-long passion for cycling were planted in his upbringing in Northern Michigan but it was his move to Portland that helped transform his career from passion to profession.

About ten years ago, Dylan worked to fulfill the dream of finding work within the bicycle industry, and to be part of a larger cycling community after moving to Oregon. Following an education in design, with a minor in photography, it didn’t take long for VanWeelden to combine the beauty of art and photography with cycling.
“My work is more about composition and emotion, rather than the technical aspects. Communicating an idea or emotion feels better to me than taking a photo of a guy coming across the finish line with his arms up.”

Take a look at the photos below from a recent community outing organized by Dylan in Death Valley.