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Canine Camp Tips

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

July 20th , 2020

Canine Camp Tips

It’s hard to find a more eager camp companion than your canine friend. Camping is a dog’s paradise: endless smells, critters to watch, sticks to chase and questionable stuff to roll in. We’re big believers that time outside is for everyone – dogs included. Read on for our tips to make sure your dog-friendly camping trip is safe & enjoyable for everyone.  

Tip 1: Know The Rules  

Don’t expect that dogs are permitted. Some campgrounds and parks don’t allow dogs or have specific restrictions for canine campers. Read up on the rules before you go and prepare accordingly.  

Tip 2: Bring the Essentials  

Dog food and lots of water are a must when camping! Keep your pup well-hydrated for a day of adventure. Also, don’t forget to put away dog kibble after feeding – the scent can invite wildlife into your camp. Shop the Dog Bowl for a stainless steel option.   

Tip 3: Leash or Tether  

As much as your pup wants to bound through camp, resist the urge to let them roam free, especially if you’re camping near others. Keep them on a leash, or give them a bit more room to roam with an extended tether secured by a sturdy anchor.  

Tip 4: Stick Together 

Keep your dog by your side at all times while camping – including during extra activities like hiking or a day at the lake. Weather can change suddenly and it’s unsafe to leave your pup unattended in camp. Plan your most intense outdoor excursions for dog-free trips.   

Tip 5: Snuggle Up 

Consider inviting Fido into the tent – for both your benefits. You’ll get some added warmth during cool summer nights, while your dog will be safe from wildlife and reassured by being close to its people. If you have the space in your tent, create a cozy sleeping area for your pup or consider a cot

You can shop the entire collection of four-legged essentials here.

What are your tried-and-true tips for camping with dogs? Let us know on Instagram and tag us in all your outdoor doggo pics! 

Photo credit from left to right: @scoundredandscruff, @morkieholmes, @r_taylorr,