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Autumn Winter 2021 Lookbook

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

August 23rd , 2021

Autumn Winter 2021 Lookbook

Snow Peak's latest apparel collection seeks to deepen the wearer's connection with nature. This season, the lookbook highlights the innovative craftsmanship of woodworker Takashi Tomii. Takashi and his wife Fukayuki live in Nagaoka City in the Niigata prefecture of Japan with their three children. Read on to learn more about his physics-inspired approach to woodworking, then shop the first delivery of the Autumn Winter 2021 Collection.A New "Craftmanship" for the Age of Coexistence with Nature

Takashi Tomii aspired to be a physicist but became fascinated with wood when he studied abroad in Oregon while at technical college. His host family (who were also physicists) built their house with local timber. He spent his days in Oregon cross-country skiing in the forests of giant Douglas Fir trees, which are unique to the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Being in constant contact with nature became an essential part of his daily life.

After returning to Japan, he began making his favorite cooking utensils from the wood he found in the mountains near his home in Niigata. After spending some time at home, Takashi continued his advanced physics research at Tsukuba University. However, when considering what he wanted to do with his life, he decided to focus on woodworking.At first glance, physics and woodworking seem to be complete opposites, but both are rooted in exploring nature to enrich human life. For example, one of Takashi's works is a series of carvings on wood made up of atoms with patterns based on his observations under the microscope when he was a researcher. When you hold it in your hands, you realize that everything is connected through nature.

Takashi's works, intended to be used in daily life, are inspired by his activities with his family in his hometown of Nagaoka. The area is known for its beautiful winters. Takashi gathers inspiration from the surrounding nature – offering a new form of "Folk Craft" that leads to greater coexistence with the natural world.Now available in-store and online. Shop the first delivery of the Autumn Winter 2021 Collection and stay tuned for additional deliveries all throughout the season.