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A Guide To: Camp Lighting

Written by: Olivia Hazelwood

July 31st , 2023

A Guide To: Camp Lighting

After the sun sets and stars emerge, the campsite takes on a peaceful charm. Against the backdrop of nature's nighttime darkness, illuminated tents and tarps are a welcome sight. Camping lights ensure safety and a cozy ambience so you can continue to the special magic of the evening. 

In this guide, we'll walk through our camping lights and lanterns, highlighting their features and use cases, to ensure you find the perfect companion for your next outdoor experience.

Battery-Powered Lanterns

Accessible and easy-to-use, battery-powered lanterns are often a popular choice for campers. Here are some benefits to consider:

  • Convenience: Single-use and rechargeable batteries are widely available. Rechargeable options are great for repeated use.
  • Safety: In addition to providing visibility around the campsite, LED lanterns are inherently safe to use in and around tents and can be handled by adults and children alike.
  • Long Fuel Life: All of our LED lanterns offer continuous light for many hours, dependent upon the light intensity employed.


  • 1. Home & Camp Lantern: The rechargeable Home & Camp Lantern has a USB charging port, a sturdy base for tabletop use, adjustable handle to hang when desired, and warm dimmable light for intensity control. An ideal choice for car camping.
  • 2. Hozuki Lantern: An iconic Snow Peak camp lantern design, the Hozuki Lantern can be hung or set on a surface, features an intelligent energy-saving Sleep Mode, and offers adjustable light intensity including Candle Mode that responds to sound with a soft flickering glow. 
  • 3. Mini Hozuki: A miniature version of our classic Hozuki Lantern, the Mini Hozuki features a warm, soft glow and can be hung using the magnetic loop. We recommend stringing multiple Mini Hozukis on our Daisy Chain for an ethereal campsite experience.

Gas-Powered Lanterns

When searching for more light intensity, we encourage campers to explore our gas-powered options. Some benefits provided by these options include:

  • Brightness: The bright, warm light powered by isobutane fuel affords increased lumen output for greater campsite visibility.
  • Adjustability: Easy-to-use controls allow campers to dim or brighten with the turn of a knob.
  • Packability: All of our gas-powered lanterns break down for storage, making them highly portable with a small packing footprint.


  • 1. GigaPower BF Lantern: Our largest and most powerful lantern, the GigaPower BF Lantern features an auto-igniter, 170 watt output, and responsive controls. We like to hang it at the campsite using our Lantern Pile Driver.
  • 2. GigaPower Lantern Auto: Strictly for tabletop use, the GigaPower Lantern Auto is compact and lightweight, but still produces 80 watts of power.
  • 3. Mini Flame: A Snow Peaker favorite, the Mini Flame is ultra-compact, lightweight, and highly fuel-efficient. Add its candle-like ambiance to your campsite table. 


Whether you're seeking the reliability of gas-powered lanterns or the convenience of battery-powered options, the right camp lighting enhances the relaxing ambience of the campsite without disrupting the beauty of the natural environment.

Shop our Camp Lighting Collection to explore all of our light options and accessories.