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Toki Bout It Punch with Jim Meehan

Written by: Savanna Frimoth

May 13th , 2022

Toki Bout It Punch with Jim Meehan

Snow Peak Beverage Director Jim Meehan's mixology skills are unmatched, whether he's creating innovative libations behind the bar at Takibi or in the middle of the forest over an Iron Grill Table. Enjoy a deliciously detailed demonstration of the Toki Bout It, a current Takibi cocktail that he adapted for groups and gatherings. Jim also explained the foundational elements of a punch and offered a few recommendations for using Snow Peak products in a bar environment. Take a watch then, make the punch for yourself using the recipe below.  

Toki Bout It Punch 

Gear used:  



  • Add the soba cha, maple syrup, yuzu sake, and blended Japanese whisky to an Aluminum Caldero.  
  • Stir the mixture with a Nylon Ladle.  
  • Carefully place the tempered ice block in the Aluminum Caldero (a large ice block will require 45 minutes at room temperature to avoid cracking when ingredients are added).  
  • Grate fresh nutmeg over the surface of the mixture. 
  • Ladle the punch into Double Wall H200 stacking mugs.   
  • Serve the punch over ice cubes with freshly grated nutmeg over each cup (optional).

To Flash Brew the Kettl Soba Cha:

  • 150g. Kettl Soba Cha (1 300 double wall titanium cup full) 
  • 32 oz. filtered water (1 full Field Barista Kettle)  
  • Use a Titanium 600 Cup (twice) to scoop roughly 5 cups of pebble ice into an Aluminum Caldero. 
  • Place a Collapsible Coffee Drip set up in the center of the Aluminum Caldero, then place an unbleached #4 filter into it  


  • Fill a Field Barista Kettle with 32 oz. of filtered water. Heat the water over high heat on a Baja Burner until the water boils, then add the soba cha to the kettle.  
  • Infuse the soba cha for 2 minutes, then slowly pour the infusion through the coffee drip set up in the Aluminum Caldero. 
  • Stir the mixture to dissolve all the ice cubes once all the soba cha has been strained.  
  • Yields roughly 60 oz.